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How to take care of your libido?

There are dozens of factors that may deprive us of desire for sex: stress, routine, hormones, diet, menopause. And prolonged abstinence entails discomfort, frustration and irritation. Lack of intercourse also increases tension between partners. It can worsen their mutual relations and, when it continues for too long, it can even lead to a break-up. Fortunately, libido can be enhanced in an easy and safe way.

How? You can read about it in the ranking. We have taken into account mainly natural, completely safe libido enhancing products. The final score is the average of points awarded by users.

Here is a ranking of the most effective and worthwhile libido products for the moment. Our ranking is updated on an ongoing basis to include all new recommendable products.


Stimido Official website

Rating 9.6/10


Stimido are libido-enhancing capsules. It was developed for women who want to naturally increase the desire for intercourse with a partner, improve sexual performance and increase blood flow to the reproductive organs.

The Stimido capsules are based on natural plant extracts. They improve blood flow and increase physical fitness. They help you become aroused faster. They contribute to enhancing sensation during intercourse. They help you maintain mental balance during PMS and support the alleviation of its symptoms.

The product is effective and safe. It contains, among others, L-arginine or maca root extract. The capsules are convenient to use. Only two capsules a day are enough. Regular supplementation will improve the quality of your sex life in all aspects.

Stimido does not have hormones or other substances that could disrupt women’s hormonal system.

Stimido users confirm the effectiveness of the product. According to them, the capsules work 100%, and the first results are visible after a few days of use. In addition, supplement users emphasize that they have gained more self-confidence in intimate relationships. Their libido rose quickly, and the sensations intensified.

improves sexual performance and blood flow to the reproductive organs helps you achieve arousal faster improves the mood during PMS effective and safe does not disrupt the endocrine syste


Femmax Official website

Rating 9.2/10

2 Femmax

Femmax aims to improve female libido and mental well-being. The active ingredients contained in the capsules have a great impact on improving the sex life of women. They make it easier to orgasm and improve the strength of sensations. Among the key ingredients are natural plant extracts and l-arginine, which improves the blood flow to the reproductive organs and plays a huge role in maintaining sexual performance.

Libido HER capsules also help maintain mental comfort during the monthly cycle. At the same time, they do not impact the female endocrine system - they do disrupt its work.

The product is easy to use, although the recommended dose is as much as 3 capsules per day. Remember to take Libido HER regularly so that the effects last longer.

Users indicate that Libido HER mostly meets their expectations. The results of using the capsules are visible after several days. After this time, the libido returns to the optimal level, the willingness to get intimate with a partner increases, and mental well-being improves.

well-developed formula increases libido and improves mental well-being helps maintain the appropriate level of sexual performance hormone-free
the recommended dose is 3 capsules per day



Rating 8.1/10

3 FemiMax

The next place belongs to FemiMax. Its fairly simple formula is based on natural saw palmetto and bearberry extract. Saw palmetto is known for its stimulating effect, it increases libido in both men and women. Bearberry, on the other hand, has a positive impact on the urinary system - it is a valuable effect, although not necessarily expected from libido pills.

Unfortunately, the simple composition limits the functions only to the described effect. Libido is increased by only one ingredient here, which can be absorbed differently by different bodies, and we rely only on its effectiveness. There are no other positive effects.

Despite the simple composition, the product has quite good opinions, the saw palmetto performs its tasks in terms of libido improvement. A lot of people indicate that libido is not returning to its normal state, but the improvement is significant. There are no other effects relating to the intimate life.

Saw palmetto should be effective The presence of bearberry has a beneficial effect on the urinary system
It is a little less effective than the other products Few ingredients



Rating 7.4/10

4 Viamea

Pentagra for women is based on Muira Puama. This exotic plant is considered an aphrodisiac. It improves the female libido and affects the feeling of pleasure. It also improves physical endurance.

The rest of the Pentagra ingredients can be mentioned, but we should make it clear that they have a general effect, not necessarily on the libido. These are folic acid, zinc, selenium, which are well-known minerals with a proven health effect.

There are only 10 capsules in the package.

There are many positive opinions, but these are balanced by the voices saying that the effects of Pentagra for women are not good enough. You have to wait long for the effects, and sometimes they do not come at all, or come for a very short time, even with regular use.

It contains an aphrodisiac Minerals and folic acid
The packaging only lasts 10 days Composed of only one ingredient having influence on sexual health Unsatisfactory effectiveness

Feminam Libido

Feminam Libido

Rating 6.1/10

5 Feminam Libido

Pontilexx has an eye-catching composition: it includes l-arginine and ginseng which are known to affect libido. The formula is supplemented with folic acid and zinc, although the content of these 2 compounds is not very impressive.

There are 20 capsules in the package.

It may be surprising that, with a pretty good composition, the effectiveness of Pontilexx for women is rated as average. Some women point out that perhaps one package is not enough for the effects to appear. However, it seems that 20 days of use should be enough to bring some noticeable results. In too many cases, this is not the case.

A theoretically good composition with l-arginine at the top of the list
Insufficient effectiveness Only 20 capsules




I used to have Femmax, average results, that's why I'm looking for something more and here I am :P




I use Stimido and the results are amazing! The product is totally worth its price.




I showed it to my wife ... Now she is considering to buy it, hehehe




I'm glad I'm not alone with such a problem...




Low libido is a common problem these days, don't worry. Try something yourself and your libido will come back, e.g. something from the ranking.




I am taking Stimido and I am fully satisfied with the results. I recommended it to my friend, she has just started her treatment. My other friend also wants to try this product :D Now we have something to talk about at our weekly meetings :D I sincerely recommend the product. It's worth its price and the composition looks fine.




I don't have enough funds to try all these capsules...




Oh, great ranking. I saved the bookmark and I will come back here. I will give you my feedback once I've tested some products :)




What is the point of a product like Femmax. You should take it before sex. If you have a low libido and you DON'T WANT to make love... Do you plan to have sex an hour before?? Well, that's the point: WE DON'T WANT TO HAVE SEX, we don't feel like it. There is no desire to have it. How do I know that I will have sex in an hour? If I want to have sex in an hour then I don't need the capsules... Am I right? Is there something I don't understand?








Well, if you think about it, you are right.




Why is it so high in the ranking?




The ranking has very few products that really work for libido. Most products help you relax and improve your mood, rather than increase your libido. I know something about it and in fact, I would personally limit this ranking only to the first two positions. Forget the rest and go for Stimido.




My personal experiences with femimax and pentagra prove your opinion. The products improved my mood and nothing else, I might as well have a beer...


Nancy Reagan


Right, hop makes you feel better :)


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